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CASIO Middle East and Africa FZE, the regional subsidiary of CASIO Computer Co. Ltd. and the leading education technology company, together with Teach Middle East Magazine, hosted a Mathematics Summit on Thursday, 16th March, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Dubai. The meeting brought math teachers and department heads together to talk about the future of teaching math and the problems teachers face in today’s classrooms. During the summit, CASIO announced the launch of the latest scientific calculator, the ClassWiz CW series.

The new calculator has been designed with an intuitive and approachable design, making it easy for students to use inside the classrooms. The ClassWiz CW series is loaded with functions that encourage interest in mathematics and has various features that are effective for education, available to support students’ learning and inspire them to learn.

Takashi Seimiya, the managing director at CASIO Middle East and Africa FZE, expressed his enthusiasm about the launch, saying: “CASIO has been supporting those who learn by digitizing things universal, such as ‘numbers’ and ‘words’. The new ClassWiz CW series scientific calculator is the perfect tool to encourage students to develop a passion for mathematics. With its wide range of essential functions, it is an effective tool for education and will be a valuable asset for students and educators alike.”

 Speaking about the collaboration, Leisa Grace Wilson, editorial director at Teach Middle East, said, “As the largest platform for educators in the Middle East, Teach Middle East is proud to partner with CASIO in organizing the Mathematics Summit. We have worked with CASIO over many years and applaud their work. It was a fantastic event.”

Leisa Grace Wilson- Editorial Director of Teach Middle East

The summit was a huge success, and the attendees left with a newfound appreciation for the power of technology in education. CASIO Middle East and Africa FZE is committed to supporting education in the region and will continue to provide innovative solutions to help students and educators achieve their goals.