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More than 200 students, the inventors, scientists, and artists of tomorrow, displayed their precocious abilities and ideas at the Second Annual Maker Day 2017, which took place on Saturday, February 18th, 2017, at Cambridge High School – Abu Dhabi.

Student and company-held workshops were conducted to teach students about robotics from the Techno Kids, Healthy Living from the doctors of the Life Line Hospital and about More into green Salads from the Chefs of Leopold’sStar corporation.

“We wanted Maker Day to be an opening of their innovative skills for all the budding innovators,” Dr. Frithi Herbert, Director of Innovation at the Cambridge High School –Abu Dhabi, said.

“We have taken leaps forward since the event’s establishment in 2016,” she said, adding that Maker’s Day first started out as a student-run event with 85 student groups participating. “Today, we have 120 groups and 200 students from our schools taking part in the event.”

Although the primary aim of the event is learning by doing which brings our student community together to share their work, learn new skills that may help them to turn their ideas into reality, and to inspire one another.

There were nearly ten project categories from Robotics to Fashion. Maharshi and Tejas of year 6, exhibited fully functional robots, Scoutlander, a remote controlled scouting robot equipped with remote access real time camera.

There was effective use of recycled materials in making hydroponics and drip irrigation by Joe of year 7. From the space category, Satvik of year 2 depicted the day and night in a working model.

The event featured some of Cambridge High School’s budding chefs from years 1 to 4 in a group, who prepared healthy food and explained the benefits of healthy eating. From the security category, Sulaiman of year 6 showed off a model of a security alarm he made, which is connected to the mobile device.

There were more projects that highlighted different ideas and the students’ creativity. CHS Maker Day is a community celebration of innovation and creativity, which includes exhibits, designs and creative concepts that aim to improve the world at large through shared learning.

It is a collaboration work from the school’s innovation team members, under the leadership of Dr. Frithi Herbert, Director of Innovation, with the support of their Principal Mr. Jason Jonathan King, and Vice Principal Ms. Carolyn Bailey.

– Cambridge High School Abu Dhabi Media