British Schools in the Middle East
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With more than 100 Member Schools, and numbers growing rapidly, BSME is committed to supporting the diverse needs of Schools in the Middle East and North Africa regions. In addition, the large group of businesses affiliated with our organisation reflects BSME’s thriving market share; with more than 100 Associate Members, BSME continues to provide relevant services, with favourable rates, to School Members.

The quality Assurance of BSME schools is a key priority of our organisation. To ensure that BSME schools maintain the highest standards in British education, the organisation has firmly established links with the Department of Education (DfE) in the UK, Ofsted and the Association British Schools’ Overseas (AoBSO). All BSME schools are required to undertake BSO inspections, ensuring that our Member Schools always provide the highest quality education.

BSME hosts the largest inter-school Student Event programme in the Middle East. Every year, this extensive calendar of sporting, cultural and academic Events benefits 3000 Students. With an ever-expanding demand for increased participation from schools, watch this space for new Events to be added!

We are also proud of our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of more than 50 courses per year. CPD is hosted across the region and provides learning and networking opportunities for staff at all levels, both from member and non-member schools. Our CPD programme includes a number of Conferences, face-to-face training, webinars and online CPD. Explore these further at

BSME also offers its member schools a free recruitment service on our website. This saves schools’ recruitment costs. In addition, teachers are able to express interest in working in the region by posting CVs on the site.

As part of our support to schools, a dedicated BSME Country Representative provides Principals and Headteachers with advice and guidance to ensure compliance with local education directives. In addition, in-country Headteacher meetings are held to facilitate networking and reflects our organisation’s welcoming and inclusive ethos. This will be supplemented with a Headship Mentoring Programme in the coming months.

BSME celebrates the achievement and successes of our member schools! This term saw 4 BSME schools win their categories at the British International School Awards 2017! Read more about the 9 BSME school nominated for this Award, as well as the winners’ initiatives, in our Newsletter!

This year, BSME celebrates its 35th Annual Headteachers Conference, a testimony to BSME’s long-standing representation in the region!  Every year, this Conference draws our member Headteachers to engage in dynamic and forward-thinking training from world-class speakers and leaders. This, in turn, facilitates an extensive networking opportunity for School Leaders. The BSME Exhibition brings our Associate members together to showcase and demonstrate their latest products and services and to meet with customers and partners.

This year’s Annual Conference, from 6 – 9 March in Bahrain, boasts a distinguished line-up of Speakers, including:

Yong Zhao, Foundations Distinguished Professor in the School of Education at the University of Kansas, will focus on the implications of globalisation and technology on education.

We will also be schooled in all-things-magical by the illusionist Joshua Jay. Joshua speaks at large Silicon Valley firms, consults for HBO and represents his art on panels at academic events, performing and speaking alongside neuroscientists on the role the brain plays in illusion.

We are also looking forward to hearing from Dr Ger Graus, the Founding Chief Executive of The Children’s University in 2007 and now Director of Kidzania.

For more information about joining BSME visit or contact Lisa Kirkley, Membership and Communications Officer, at or +973 17798404.