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Auto mechanic checking oil

There are so many little bits and pieces that come together during this process. Let me begin with some great news… We finally got our documents back last Friday! Now they are going to be sent off to GoProEx … whew!

Last Saturday, I had a nice meet and greet lunch with a few of the other teachers who are embarking on the journey as well. We had a great time laughing and sharing ideas. I am meeting so many good people! This is definitely going to be awesome.

I want to give a shout-out to Diedra, who has become a dear friend throughout this process. She is also going to the UAE to teach. Our car had some electrical issues. Diedra was kind in lending us her car for a week, while our mechanic was fixing our vehicle.  This helped us out tremendously, because our air conditioning in our truck stopped working. If anyone out there is from Houston, you know how hot it is here right now. Driving around in a hot vehicle with a toddler riding in the backseat can be a bit trying. So, again, thank you, Diedra!

On another note, my daughter’s paediatrician suggested that she have the Typhoid and Rabies shot before travelling. I have been on a quest to get these other two vaccinations for her, because insurance doesn’t cover them. I have a few leads, so I am going to try to get that done within the next week.

Since I started packing up, I have been giving away a lot of stuff. Now, I think the more things that I give away or pack, the more I buy.  I’m learning to say no. I’ve bought skirts, long-sleeved shirts; clothing for my daughter and my husband. Our house is becoming so cluttered. I’ve officially stopped spending. Am I the only one who has been doing this?

We had a small setback with one of our main tasks… a Garage Sale. It rained last weekend, so we had to postpone it. I love it when all the pieces come together. Hopefully, this weekend we will have better weather. When this bit falls into place, I will have another task out of the way and some time to move on to the next!