Beyond the Buzzwords: How to Make EdTech Purposeful in Schools with Al Kingsley

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Discover how to make tech integration meaningful in education with our latest episode, featuring edtech enthusiast Al Kingsley in his second appearance on the Teach Middle East Podcast. We’ll uncover practical ways to use technology to improve learning and genuinely support teachers. As the CEO of NetSupport, Al shares valuable insights on finding the right balance with technology—using it to enhance learning when needed and stepping back when it doesn’t. Join us for a conversation that will help teachers confidently navigate the world of edtech with purpose.

We discuss building a school culture where teachers feel safe trying out new tools without fear of judgment. We emphasise the importance of inset days for skill-building, teamwork, and understanding the purpose behind digital initiatives. Learn how to create a supportive environment where educators share experiences and raise the standard of teaching.

In the final segment, we look at the future of education, calling for reforms that prioritise skills aligned with employer needs. We challenge traditional assessments and question the relevance of exams in today’s changing job market. By adopting a global approach to success, we push for a system that encourages continuous learning and helps students become well-rounded individuals. Tune in to get inspired and empower your students for a future where they can both know and do.

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