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Aldar Properties (“Aldar”) has increased its investment in its education business by more than AED 350 million. This is on top of the AED 1 billion they promised in 2022. This money is being used to grow Aldar Education in Dubai and Bahrain, and to buy a new school in Abu Dhabi.

As part of their growth plan, Aldar Education is setting up a school called Cranleigh Bahrain. This will be the first high-end school in Bahrain that teaches the British International Curriculum. It’s set to open in 2024. Cranleigh Bahrain will be a mixed-gender school that follows the British International Curriculum for students from Pre-Prep to Year 13. This is a big step for Aldar Education as it means they’re now operating outside of the UAE and bringing their high-quality education to Bahrain.

The extra investment also allowed Aldar Education to buy Kent College Dubai and Virginia International Private School in Abu Dhabi. These are two well-known schools in the UAE. Buying Kent College Dubai, which still needs to be approved by regulators, is Aldar Education’s first move into Dubai. Buying Virginia International Private School means they have a bigger presence and more to offer in Abu Dhabi’s education sector.

Jassem Saleh Busaibe, the CEO of Aldar Investment, said this investment shows they’re committed to growing and that they can successfully build and diversify their business. He said their move into Dubai earlier this year was a big moment for them, and this investment is another big step as they continue to expand in the region. He said they want to make sure more families can benefit from the quality, innovative education their schools offer.

Sahar Cooper, the CEO of Aldar Education, said their goal is to be more than just a top education provider. They want to create a lively and dynamic environment where every student thrives and develops a lifelong love of learning. She said this expansion will allow them to have a positive impact on students across the UAE and the wider region, giving them the best environment and tools to reach their full potential and develop their talents. She said they’re excited to bring their top-quality education platform to more families across the region.

Impact of AED 1.35 billion invested in Aldar Education Schools since 2022

AED 350MN 2023 INVESTMENTKent College Dubai2,300BritishOperational
Virginia International Private School1,800AmericanOperational
Cranleigh Bahrain2,100BritishOpening Sept-24
Al Shohub Private School 1,200BritishOperational
Yasmina British Academy4,400BritishPhase 1 – Operational
Phase 2 –Opening Sept-24
Cranleigh Pre-prep Abu Dhabi800BritishOpening Jan-24
Noya British School2,300BritishOpening Sept-24
Saadiyat British Academy2,600BritishOpening Sept-25

Aldar Education plans to improve the quality of education at Kent College Dubai and Virginia International Private School. They plan to do this by upgrading the facilities and infrastructure, and by providing comprehensive professional development opportunities for teachers and staff. Plus, the three schools will benefit from Aldar Education’s proven success in achieving academic excellence, its deep understanding of the sector, and access to a wide network of schools.

Kent College Dubai, which was set up in 2016, is a well-respected school that offers a wide range of educational programs, including the British curriculum, International Baccalaureate Diploma, and BTEC programs in Performing Arts, Sports, and Business, for students from pre-prep to sixth form. Virginia International Private School, located in Shakhbout City in Abu Dhabi, is an American curriculum school that caters to students from kindergarten through to elementary and secondary levels.