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This year’s marks illustrate a demand for academic excellence and a focus on science and technology at the innovative secondary school

Al Yasmina School, part of Aldar Academies, one of the UAE’s largest providers of world-class, private education, has topped its A-Level results from 2014 with this year’s improved marks. The ADEC Band A rated school has expanded its academic offering for the 2014/15 school year, with a more extensive choice of courses for students. This has been accompanied by a steady increase in the number of pupils enrolled at Yasmina. The release of their 2015 A-Level results is a further indicator of the institution’s ascent in Abu Dhabi’s private educational landscape.

At the final year of A-level, around 40% of students achieved A* to B and around 70% achieved A* to C. “It is encouraging to see more students achieving at A* to C, as well as the fact that the very high pass rate across all subjects has been maintained,” said Dr. Tim Hughes, Yasmina’s Principal. “The results are a credit to the students’ hard work, as well as the dedication of both their parents and the staff at Yasmina.  The improvements from last year are commendable.  As Yasmina’s post-16 department grows and the number of subjects offered is widened, we aim to continue to improve our results year on year.”

In Biology, Chemistry, Design Technology Drama, Geography, Psychology and Physical Education, Yasmina students at A-level achieved significantly higher than students doing the same examinations internationally. Moreover, Yasmina has excelled in the areas of Arabic and Islamic education, where students also achieved a 100% pass rate. This is a direct result of a considerable focus on ADEC’s Arabic and Islamic Studies requirements.

Yasmina students’ highest marks are in the sciences – Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. This is indicative of the intense focus that Yasmina, and Aldar Academies in general, puts on science, technology and innovation. “In the sciences,” Dr. Hughes continued, “students have exceeded the results of international and UK students, which is a particularly encouraging outcome, because at Yasmina we endeavor to instill technological and scientific skills that truly prepare students for life in the 21st century.”

Peter Carpenter, Director of Education at Aldar Academies said, “Our expectations of our post-16 students are high. We want to see an improvement on the results of previous years, and we work to ensure that our results meet and exceed the best schools internationally. It is encouraging that Yasmina students have built on 2014’s great results and realised their academic ambitions this year. I am grateful to the staff at Yasmina, who has worked closely with students and parents to help this year’s graduates achieve success. As we continue to grow our sixth form programme and student body, including a wider range of subject options, I am very optimistic that the school’s post-16 provision will equip our students with the skills and outlook to achieve success in their future, both at university and in their careers.”

- Adar Academies