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Al Yasat Private School launches a new book, called School Reform: Case Studies in Teaching Improvement, edited by Dr Jake Madden. It features 12 packed chapters and comes with a range of ideas that can help teachers across the globe who are serious about improving their teaching.

Illustrating the impact of teacher action research in the classroom, this title is both practical, highly-educational and inspiring. Some of the topics covered in the book include teacher coaching, assessment for learning, improving student engagement enriching science curriculum and the use of google classroom.

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Improving teacher quality is a topical issue and the work at Al Yasat demonstrates how teachers, undertaking action research projects, can not only lift student attainment levels but also contribute to educational research..

Dr Jake states, “In this era of accountability-by-numbers, (The dominance of conversation on PISA, TIMMS, PiRLS, etc), teachers have been known to narrow their teaching (ie teach to the test); negatively impacting upon their teaching practice. At Al Yasat, we encourage innovation in teaching practice and for teachers to explore various pedagogies to improve their practice.”

As an advocate for job embedded professional learning, Dr Jake and his staff provide a set of case studies which demonstrate, not only the development of new classroom knowledge, but a viable means through which new knowledge is actioned for student learning impacts.

This is the second book in this series of teacher action research at Al Yasat Private School, but there is particular excitement about this launch as it coincides with the 25 Anniversary of Al Yasat.

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