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Aldar Education’s Al Bateen Academy will be hosting a virtual session aimed at tackling the challenges that affect children and their parents while exploring ways to address them on Monday 1st February, at 1:00 pm. The session will be led by Emirati board certified behavioural analyst Sharifa Yateem.

Taking the form of an interactive presentation, the ‘Behaviour Session’ will also feature a question-and-answer segment with current and prospective parents of Al Bateen Academy.

The main focus of the session will be supporting parents with the skills they need to help their children during distance learning, topics that will be covered include:

  • Getting to know your child’s learning style.
  • Reinforcement skills.
  • Self-help skills.
  • Tokenat app.

Sahar Cooper, CEO of Aldar Education emphasised the organisation’s commitment to building a community that empowers parents and students: “One of our objectives at Aldar Education is to focus on our students’ wellbeing while equipping parents with the tools that will enable them to support their children in becoming the leaders of tomorrow. Empowering our community to thrive, despite any challenges, while building an inspirational and mentally-stimulating learning environment is something we are proud of,” said Cooper.

The academy currently hosts speakers from different fields of expertise on the first Monday of every month, with the aim of providing a strong support network for parents and the school community by offering regular updates and information on issues that affect students and their parents.

Sharifa Yateem has expertise in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) across various areas such as communication skills, social skills, toileting skills, daily living skills, home programming, school consultation, and much more. She is specialised in treating autism and individuals with special needs across different age groups. She is also the founder of Sharifa Yateem Consulting, which focuses on consultation, training and supervision.

Sharifa Yateem, Board Certified Behavioural Analyst, said: “This initiative at Al Bateen Academy is amazing as it provides resources and helps to build parenting skills. Distance learning is an important topic, and this is a great opportunity to give parents guidelines or skills to prompt learning. As we are dealing with COVID-19, parents may be overwhelmed with managing their children’s learning. To help alleviate the stress of distance learning, we will be discussing different learning styles and reinforcement procedures.”

Al Bateen Academy provides a strong support network for its parents and the school community by offering regular virtual sessions. The initiative commenced in January with a workshop on the theme of sleep and was led by licensed sleep therapist, Anri Tukker. The March session is due to be led by respected child nutritionist Mirna El Sabbagh.

Guests who are interested in attending the virtual session can click on the following link:
Click here to join the meeting