Students participating in cycling on Sports Day.
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Event forms part of Council’s ‘Champions of Tomorrow’ campaign

The Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) has launched today its Sports Day activities as part of its commitment to underscore the sports sector’s fundamental role in creating healthy and productive communities in Abu Dhabi and the rest of the UAE.

About 140,000 students, parents, teachers and administrative staff participated in numerous sporting activities simultaneously held in different public schools and the Council’s headquarters and regional offices.

The Sports Day featured activities aimed at enhancing communication and establishing long-lasting bonds among parents, school communities, and ADEC.

ADEC carefully selected the featured competitions this year with the objective of developing a new generation capable of demonstrating strong leadership and social skills with emphasis on physical fitness.

ADEC’s faculty members, administrative staff and managers as well as parents took part in a wide range of sporting events known for eliminating stress, promoting physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle, and developing athletic skills.

Mr. Mohammed Salem Al Dhaheri, ADEC’s School Operations Executive Director, spoke about the Sports Day activities that form part of the Council’s ‘Champions of Tomorrow’ campaign. He emphasized the Council’s commitment in raising sports awareness in the country by holding various related activities across schools, considered the breeding ground of the country’s future representatives in Olympic Sports.

Mr. Al Dhaheri said that Sports Day demonstrates the Council’s keenness to make sports an essential component of the education system and an integral part of the local communities’ daily life. He noted that the event highlights the educational aspect of sports competitions, adding that similar activities serve as training grounds for the country’s future representatives in international games and helps Emirati athletes raise the UAE flag in the global arena.

ADEC’s Executive Director added: “Sports Day seeks to promote optimal investment in human development through sports, which is an effective means to achieve balanced mental and physical health among current and future generations and build a sound society. Through various sports initiatives, we hope to enhance the talents of our promising athletes and provide them with necessary support to help them make their mark across local, regional and international arenas, and in line with the vision and directives of our wise leadership.”

Some of the competitions in Cycle 1 of ADEC’s Sports Day included the 50-meter run, football and chess matches, tug-of-war and other recreational competitions suitable for the particular age groups.

Cycle 2 participants competed in the 50-meter sprint, Jiu-Jitsu, soccer and chess games, and other interactive matches.

Cycle 3, meanwhile, included the 100-meter sprint, Jiu-Jitsu, soccer, chess and handball matches, and other activities suitable for the set age group.

Aside from various matches, a body mass index (BMI) test was conducted at ADEC’s headquarters for the Council’s officials and employees.

Sports Day focuses on promoting sports awareness among students, activating the role of schools in nurturing promising talents, and providing necessary support to achieve excellence at the local, regional and global levels. It also aims to turn schools into interactive environments that enhance communication among target communities through sports.

A sport plays an important role in developing leadership and social skills and promotes the mental health and physical fitness for all community members.