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In Abu Dhabi Education Council’s (ADEC’s) efforts to ensure health and safety measures are in place across all schools, a large number of Kindergarten, Cycle 2 and 3 public school students were re-located to purpose built buildings in line with health and safety measures.

As a result of a health and safety inspection report published by Musanada, Cycle 3 students from the Hamdan Bin Mohamed School in Baniyas were relocated to the Al Sammaliya Cycle 2 and 3 school in the Shawamekh area, which offers education to all nearby communities.

In order to accommodate to the large number of Cycle 3 students transferred, Cycle 2 students from the Al Sammaliya School were transferred to three different schools based on geographical convenience. Students residing in the Shakhboot area were enrolled in the Jern Yafoor Cycle 2 School; those living in the Shamkha area were enrolled in the Al Mutanabi Cycle 2 School, and students residing in the Shawamekh area were allocated to the Al Moatasem School. Kindergarden students from the Al Zayediya Kindergarten were re-allocated to an available vacant school building nearby their area of residence.

Teachers and all staff members from the Hamdan Bin Mohamed Cycle 3 School were transferred to the same schools their students were transferred to, and in accordance to what is most convenient for them location wise.

ADEC coordinated with the Emirates Transport Company to ensure all students were offered transportation. Parents were also contacted prior to the decision to re-allocate the students.


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