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ADEC’s professional development week helps prepare 15,668 educators across the Emirate for Trimester Two

Educators in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western Region undergo 21st century learning and teaching methods during ADEC’s Professional Development Week in preparation for Trimester Two

Abu Dhabi Education Council’s Professional Development (PD) Week has started today, and aims to offer 15,668 educators in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western Region some of the strongest professional development learnings as per 21st century benchmarks, during this week (from January 2nd until January 5th 2017).

The PD trainings are aimed to improve the quality of education across schools, as well as offer special teachings for principals, administrative assistants, secretary’s, classroom assistants, facilities coordinator’s, laboratory technicians, learning resource specialists, psychologists, registrars, school business coordinators, special needs classroom assistants, social workers and teachers.

Dr. Ali Al Nuaimi, ADEC’s Director General and H.E. Mr. Mohamed Al Dhaheri, ADEC’s School Operations Executive Director, attended the first professional development workshop held today in the presence of 324 school principals and vice principals, who were all given an overview of the TELS UAE Pilot Project; ADEC’s P-12 curriculum overview for trimester two; assessment overview and performance appraisal for trimester two.

“ADEC’s main priority is to focus on an educator’s professional development journey through offering them the most updated teaching and learning pedagogies and methods that will result in top notch education for our pupils. Our educators play a pivotal role in reforming education in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, while transferring the needful information to our youth,” said Dr. Al Nuaimi.

During his presence at the professional development workshop today, Dr. Al Nuaimi expressed his appreciation and respect regarding the profession “teaching” and the important role an educator plays “day in, day out.” He explained that it is their hard work and efforts, that result in a competent, well equipped generation of youth. “You are the most important individuals in the education sector, which is why this professional development week is organized for you, and to you.”

H.E. Mr. Al Dhaheri, emphasized the importance of achieving the teachers licensing requirements successfully, which cannot be accomplished without proper professional development that help assist educators in their mission to deliver 21st century teaching and learning skills. “ADEC has worked tediously with the professional development team to ensure our educators receive valuable information and learnings that help benefit them and our children in classrooms, and we will continue to work hand-in-hand with schools to ensure our educators are offered some of the best teaching and learning methods out there.”

During the week, school leaders, teachers and Academic Quality Improvement Officers (AQIOs) will be receiving training in preparation for the return of students to the classroom for trimester two, some of which includes introducing the recently announced federal teacher licensing requirements to school leaders and cluster managers; the online performance appraisal system (ADA’E) and requirements for trimester two; and curriculum and assessment updates.

Additionally, Cycle 3 English coordinators will receive training on the use of the National Geographic textbook resources currently being used in Cycle 3 and IT and DTI teachers in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain will receive two days training to gain Cyber Cycle 3 Certification in cyber security from NESA – the National Electronic Security Authority.

In efforts to support their school leadership in carrying out their duties.
School Administration and support staff will also receive training, in particular the Finance Officers and Business Coordinators for ADEC headquarter staff.

Schools themselves are expected to organise their own program of events to support their school improvement journey and meet the individual needs of schools. Academic Quality Improvement Officers will also organise their own regional programs so that they are able to support subject teachers in cycle 2 and 3 and common schools throughout the coming trimester.

– ADEC Media