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Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) is organising the Tanmia Professional Development week from April 2 to April 6, 2017. More than 11000 teachers from across public schools in the Emirate will attend the professional development training. Tanmia aims to develop teachers’ comprehensive and sustainable educational approach, which contributes to enhancing their skills and raise students’ academic performance to achieve success through developing training plans to reach their career goals.

HE Mr. Mohammed Salem Al Dhaheri, ADEC’s School Operations Executive Director, said that the PD programs and activities are being offered to school-based staff to facilitate practical hands-on activities and equip them with essential tools that would help develop the educational system & provide students with high quality teaching & learning approaches. Al-Dhaheri emphasised that PD programs & initiatives come in line with ADEC strategies aiming to develop a quality education system and promote school-based staff training plans.

Al-Dhaheri added that ADEC encourages schools to take part in individualised school improvement planning and development. “ADEC appreciates schools’ initiatives to develop training plans, as PD Week includes various professional & training programs across ADEC schools, to help equip them with the knowledge, tools and resources they require to enhance their teaching”, said Al-Dhaheri.

The centralised training plans and the school-based training plans have been uploaded online on the ADA’E performance appraisal system, which is considered as one of the plans that seek to develop professional skills. All PD programs that have been received by participants will be recorded in their PD transcript.

During the PD Week, ADEC has organised a capacity-building program for Cycle 3 teachers from across the Emirate, as part of its partnership with higher education institutions and in collaboration with ECAE to help equip them with the knowledge, tools and resources necessary to drive the Cycle 3 Modified curriculum program forward in all subject areas, including Geoscience and Design Innovation & Technology. In addition, English and Math teachers have their own program.

Moreover, Cycle 3 Laboratory Technicians will receive a training course entitled “Control of Substances Hazardous to Health”. A number of training workshops will be for teachers leading school innovation clubs.

A forum targeting LRC specialists will be organized under the theme “LRC, the Gateway to Civilizations and the Future”. The Forum includes workshops and lectures aimed at developing & enhancing students & teachers’ teaching & learning skills.

AQIO and Cluster managers will monitor the implementation of training programs in order to assess the quality of knowledge gained by subject coordinators and head of faculties aiming to improve teacher skills and competencies.

– ADEC Media