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1-pic AMT Induction (3)

Under the Tamkeen Professional Development Programme, bilingual Training Specialists and Translators took an active part in the design and delivery of a three-day introductory training to 314 new Arabic Medium Teachers (AMT’s) joining ADEC’s P-12 schools across the Emirate’s 3 regions: Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western Region.

The training was intended to introduce the new teachers to their professional journey as leaders of change and key contributors to the ADEC strategic goal in supporting the Emirate’s 2030 Vision, a vision in which today’s learners are the inspiring leaders of a global economic hub and a world class society.

Over the course of the three day workshop, the new teachers were introduced to key concepts that exemplify ADEC beliefs and philosophy on teaching and learning in the New School Model context.

Day one saw a particular focus on key aspects of quality teaching, active learning and 21st Century Skills. Day two provided participants with a range of strategies to foster high achievement for all. On day three the focus was on ways to create a climate for success in the classroom and across the school starting from building a common understanding of the key principles of ADEC’s guidelines for managing student behaviour, to actively participating in the shared responsibility of creating such an effective learning environment. The new teachers were engaged in collaborative activities to raise awareness of the various levels of intervention, from school-wide to classroom practice with a particular focus on positive reinforcement and reward systems.

Facilitated in both English and Arabic languages, the training sessions offered hands-on, active and engaging learning opportunities that stimulated, challenged and inspired the new teachers to lead learning with confidence back in their schools. The ‘atmosphere’ in the learning environment was energised and motivational. The training rooms reflected the engagement and excitement of the teachers as posters, diagrams and planning templates appeared on walls as Training Specialists facilitated focused, animated group discussions.

The initial training intended to help new teachers develop confidence in their ability to perform their new roles through the application of effective teaching skills, reassessment and reflection on their professional practices. It constituted the foundation stage for their professional development in schools, and will be continued and supported on site, where many of the concepts, principles and ideas would be applicable and revisited with new opportunities to embed, deepen understanding and link ideas to real practice. The new teachers will receive opportunities for support from designated coaches and mentors in their schools throughout the academic year and specifically in term one.

Teaching and Learning will be reinforced as young AMT’s embark on their own ‘Journey of Discovery’ as Educational Practitioners.