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The Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) is organising, in collaboration with the National Electronic Security Authority (NESA), the first training program on e-Security to provide teachers with knowledge on digital technology.

The training comes as part of the electronic adventure competition, one of NESA’s initiatives, aimed at raising the awareness of students in Cycles 2 & 3 on e-Security. This training is carried out to reflect efforts to establish cooperation among different public entities, while raising the electronic awareness of individuals in society.

HE Mohammed Salem Al Dhaheri, Executive Director of School Operations at ADEC, said that ADEC seeks to continuously develop and raise the efficiency of teachers and educators through providing them with access to different Professional Development programs, in addition to promoting cooperation with various public entities and institutions to provide leading programs that play a key role in the professional and skill development of teachers.

Mr. Al Dhaheri lauded such cooperation with NESA that resulted in providing training support to ADEC teachers in the technological and digital fields, with emphasis on e-security.

Approximately 200 teaching as well as non-teaching staff from ADEC are expected to take part in the training to be fully prepared to acquire the Cyber C3 certificate (Cyber Communication Culture Certificate), which is the first of its kind in the UAE and was developed and designed to certify individuals who are digitally qualified and capable of assuming responsibilities while dealing with cyberspace and the World Wide Web.

This kind of training is part of the professional teacher qualifications, since NESA and ADEC seek to ensure teachers participate effectively in educating students on the best use of modern and advanced technology to make sure they have the appropriate knowledge to be capable of dealing with risks and challenges in the cyber world and promoting a culture of electronic security.

Part of the future plan initiative aims to target and attract IT teachers in all public and private schools, as NESA is keen on promoting the electronic security culture amongst the largest and most effective sector in society, to make them aware of the importance of electronic security in order to protect children from the current risks and challenges of the cyber world, and raise a generation that is academically capable of challenging and confronting the electronic threats and risks.

The electronic adventure competition is one of NESA’s initiatives that have been implemented in collaboration with ADEC to raise students’ awareness of electronic security, and encourage them to pursue learning and working in this dynamic field. The competition consists of different phases that all participant students should pass to reach the final stage of the electronic adventure “Knowledge Acquisition.”

– ADEC Media