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ADEC highlights the importance of teaching as a profession through ADEC’s teachers licensing program
The 1st stage of licensure in the field of education is anticipated to elevate the profession of teaching further

In alignment with the UAE Teacher Standards and in support of developing a national licensing scheme to be used for all teachers alike, the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) has launched the Teacher and Educational Leadership Standards (TELS) UAE Pilot Project.

In line with ADEC’s mission to build a world class teaching workforce, the first stage of licensing in the field of education will offer professional development orientation sessions to 400 selected teachers from across 17 public and private schools. School leaders will also be oriented on the program in order to help support teachers and drive the program forward.

ADEC has partnered with the Emirates College for Advanced Education (ECAE) and its Continuing Education Centre to provide an in-school introduction, professional development and testing services for teachers.

Dr. Mohamed Yousif Baniyas, Higher Education Executive Director and Head of the TELS UAE Pilot Project Committee stressed on the important role a teacher plays in educating future generations. “Teaching is a noble and prominent profession that has and will always be highly recognised and respected, for it is a teacher who helps a student acquire the skills necessary to take on new challenges and contribute to the world in meaningful ways.”

Dr. Baniyas further added that licensing teachers is a positive initiative that will benefit the community at large. “Licensing teachers will improve their overall status while providing them with further professional development opportunities and career paths. Teachers will be offered mobility, while the status of their work will be further elevated to ensure quality education.”

The Education Expert went on to say: “A students experience with his/her teacher can literally make or break their interest to excel and learn, which is why a proficient and visionary teacher plays a huge role in helping youth. We are extremely optimistic about developing a national licensing scheme for all our teachers and look forward to witnessing positive results in this Pilot Project,” concluded Dr. Baniyas.

Teachers will be fully oriented on the national licensing teaching schemes upon the completion of 12 modules across four standards. They will also be expected to complete a standards based assessment in order to ensure full understanding of the licensing processes.

TELS has been designed to improve mobility across the public and private sectors for school teachers, while promoting the teaching profession further. The initiative is expected to help elevate the overall quality of education across schools, thus improving evaluation standards.

Since its initiation, ADEC has offered 80 percent of its teachers numerous professional development trainings that have helped orient them on latest teaching trends as per 21st century learning skills and in line with the Abu Dhabi government’s vision to graduate a strong, reliable and competent workforce of youth, with emphasis on STEM disciplines. TELS project is a continuation of ADEC’s trends towards improving the quality of teaching and learning.

Once the pilot phase of TELS is complete, and as ADEC’s trend to include its educators in its decision making process, ADEC plans to gather feedback from participants who took part in the Pilot Project in order to ensure validity, transparency and cultural appropriateness, in addition to supporting the teachers professional development journey.

– ADEC Media