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Student Support Program aims to prepare students for University Placement Tests

The Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) has launched the second phase of the Student Support Program, which aims to develop and prepare Emirati Grade 12 students to pass college placement tests in English, Arabic, and Mathematics, through taking part in various extracurricular activities and benefiting from experiences across public universities in the UAE.

The program, which comes in line with the approach to eliminate a students’ need for the foundation year at higher education institutions, is part of ADEC’s effort to collaborate with various higher education institutes in order to reach out to all public schools in Abu Dhabi, Ai Ain, and the Western Region.

After the great success of the initial implementation of the program, the Student Support Program has been established for all Grade 12 students across Abu Dhabi using the latest educational methods.

The program consists of two phases, the first of which took place last December 2016 targeting outstanding students who achieved 80 percent and above in grade 11, and included three weekly hours of English lessons for 12 weeks after which students receive a certificate to be qualified to enter a UAE University without the need for a placement exam. Whereas it will help students pass Math and English exams in other universities.

Phase two of the Student Support Program is scheduled to begin January 22nd 2017 and will include all Emirati students across public schools, and is expected to last for 12 weeks. Students in both stages of the program have to take a placement in core subjects (English, Arabic, and Mathematics) at the beginning of the program and at the end of each stage in order to identify strengths and weaknesses of students and means of improvement.

The program, which is under direct supervision of ADEC, will be delivered in selected public schools in Abu Dhabi as well as in UAEU, and transportation will be provided (female supervisors to accompany girls). Students from Abu Dhabi will be placed based on their residential areas, and Al Ain students will receive their lessons in a UAEU campus.

The program, which is delivered by UAEU faculty, adopts advanced & innovative technology that depends on attractive pedagogies rather than the conventional learning approaches. This would help provide students with a fun-loving learning experience through activities and hands-on expertise that aim to promote individual learning, encourage critical thinking, and improve academic, creative, social and professional skills.

– ADEC Media