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‘Edaad 2017’ to provide the best job opportunities in the field of education

 The Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) announced the launch of the ‘Edaad 2017’ Program in its 3rd edition in cooperation with the Human Resources Authority (HRA) in Abu Dhabi and the Emirates College for Advanced Education (ECAE).

The Edaad Program aims to train and guide candidates for educational jobs at ADEC, while providing Emirati educators with the best job opportunities available in the field of education. Through Edaad, attendees will be given basics of teaching, including the effective practices in the field of lesson preparation, educational concepts and effective methods for classroom management.

The training, which runs in Abu Dhabi from 8th of January until the 4th of May 2017 in the attendance of 32 candidates, will be delivered in Al-Ain in March 2017.

H.E. Dr. Ali Rashed Al Nuaimi, ADEC’s Director General, said that the education council is keen to attract qualified Emirati teachers and provide them with all kinds of support in order to enable them to work in the field of education. This effort stems from the continuous keenness on raising the percentage of Emirati citizens in the sector, and contribute to human capital development, especially in the field of education. Dr. Al-Nuaimi pointed out that ADEC has achieved a significant increase in the rate of Emiratization, from 46% in 2013 to 51% in 2016 and is looking forward to increasing that rate to 56% by 2020.

“ADEC focuses on four key elements to make teaching an attracting profession, including professional development, accomplishment and salaries, benefits and allowances as well as a healthy work environment,” said Dr. Al Nuaimi, adding that the Edaad Program contributes to raising a candidates performance level to comply with job requirements through alleviating the pressures and challenges faced in the field of education; providing the necessary support to enhance a teachers professional skill, while linking the program output to labor market needs through offering effective and efficient training to help qualify them to work in Abu Dhabi schools.”

Dr. Arif Al Hammadi, Chairman of ECAE’s Board of Trustees, confirmed ECAE’s commitment and keenness to provide the highest training and orientation standards for trainees at the Edaad 2017 Program, through equipping them with the necessary skills and experience, prepare them to become teachers of future generations and to contribute to the provision of a sound educational environment for students. He also highlighted the importance of a teacher’s role, since they represent a key pillar in the educational system. The most important factors that receive unique attention in education are a teacher’s qualification, preparation and development on an ongoing basis to meet the needs of the community and to qualify them to play an outstanding role in education.

Dr. Al Hammadi shed light on the most important characteristic of the Edaad 2017 Program. It provides trainees with skills and knowledge that enable them to play their roles effectively and efficiently, while offering adequate practical solutions for the application of the learning principles through building on a teachers experience towards the development of realistic applicable models and practices. ECAE’s Continuing Education Centre (CEC) has designed and developed the Edaad 2017 Program to comprise an integrated and comprehensive methodology that promotes necessary skills as per latest international practices and in line with the values and culture of the UAE.

Dr. Al Hammadi praised the distinguished partnership between ADEC and ECAE at various levels, especially in the field of development and training. Such partnership have a positive effect in the level of education across Abu Dhabi. He added that the Edaad 2017 Program is part of a list of several programs that are currently underway within the framework of strategic partnerships between ADEC and ECAE.

Such a training program was preceded by briefings and joint coordination between ADEC, HRA and ECAE, to provide educators who wish to take part in the educational field, but did not meet the recruitment requirements, with the opportunity to learn more about the Abu Dhabi School Model and latest teaching and learning methods.

The Edaad Program provides candidates with an opportunity to participate in a 16-week intensive program on the basics of teaching and effective practices in the fields of lesson preparation, educational concepts and classroom management, in order to help them enroll in ADEC’s academic jobs.

Through the training program, an ADEC teacher is selected to organize various activities with the candidates to enhance and develop their teaching skills.

In its 1st edition in 2013, 37 candidates successfully completed the training program and 35 of them were appointed in Abu Dhabi schools. During the 2nd edition in 2015, 51 candidates successfully completed the training program and 43 were appointed to work in Abu Dhabi schools.

– ADEC Media