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As part of ADEC’s strategy plan to provide staff with the necessary training and professional development, ADEC intends on carrying out several in-house training programs for all staff, to include those working in Abu Dhabi HQ, Al Ain and the Western Region Offices. The initiative is based on staff members exchanging expertise and knowledge transfer amongst their peers in ADEC.

Ms. Manal Al Othali, ADEC’s Finance Division Manager & Acting HR Division Manager pointed out that this training will be performed by experienced and skilled employees who are willing to offer professional training and pass their knowledge to their colleagues which will enhance professional skills among employees, while enabling them achieve their career objectives.

“Invitations encouraging experienced staff who would like to offer different training programs to their colleagues from various divisions were sent by ADEC’s Performance Management & Career Development Section, who are in charge of organizing the training programs or workshops”, explained Ms. Al Othali.

The first in-house training, a lecture about “International Protocol”, was conducted by Mr. Khaled Al Rumaithi, Head of Director General’s Office, at the Mubarak bin Mohamed school. The purpose of the training was to help staff acquire the necessary skills in line with ADEC’s strategy and the government’s policies regarding institutional protocols. The training covered several topics such as receiving official delegations, using flags and official photo protocols.

ADEC is keen to provide staff with appropriate professional development and training opportunities at all times, and this includes inviting key international expertise working in the area of education in Abu Dhabi and encouraging staff to attend forums, conferences and workshops that would help them acquire first-hand knowledge, while developing their professional skills.