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The two government bodies have entered an official agreement to ensure the inclusion of conservation education, with a special focus on Houbara, in school curricula

Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) and the International Fund for Houbara Conservation (IFHC) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to officiate their partnership in the education of Abu Dhabi’s youth.

The two government entities have previously co-ordinated efforts to educate youth regarding conservation work of the IFHC.

Signing the MOU will strengthen the existing partnership with the creation of a five year education strategy plan designed to create more interest in ecology, science and genetics.

The agreement will cater to students from all age groups, cultural backgrounds and educational, who will also receive a meaningful and authentic cross-curricular learning, while increasing their awareness of conservation issues and interest in the scientific fields. For the IFHC, which is dedicated to the conservation of the Houbara, education is a central pillar that helps ensure that this vulnerable bird is appreciated and studied among future generations.

The IFHC is providing its youth with information on the Houbara bird for two reasons, to help create awareness among youth regarding its extinction, and to provide information on why it is important for this bird to survive due to its strong UAE cultural and heritage impact, as part of its role in the ancient art of falconry.

Through increased understanding and appreciation of the Houbara, greater understanding of conservation issues will be revealed while creating an environment that will encourage the Houbara and similar species to survive.

H.E. Dr. Amal Al-Qubaisi, Director General of ADEC said: “This MoU comes in in line with ADEC objectives, which aim to develop student scientific research skills, enhance their concept of preserving environment, encourage recycling and link subjects to their local environment, culture and national identity”.  She emphasised that knowledge is a journey of discovery to surroundings, environment and the ability to contribute to its preservation.

Al-Qubaisi added that the MoU aims to align curriculum with learning outcomes that inspire Abu Dhabi’s youth and link scientific subjects & IT to local culture & heritage and enrich their knowledge and expertise in the field of environmental protection.

Speaking on the signing of the MOU, Director General of IFHC, Mohammed Saleh Al Baidani said, “Education has long been central to the efforts of the IFHC in achieving a sustainable future for Houbara – one of our country’s national emblems. The country’s youth are its future, and only by way of education will they learn the importance of conservation. Thanks to this partnership with ADEC, a sustainable future for Houbara and other species becomes all the more tangible. This is the future we want for the UAE’s children.”

Through this partnership, both ADEC and the IFHC hope to provide meaningful work experience and career development opportunities in the fields of science. By doing so they hope to create a future workforce that can continue conservation efforts well into the future, seeing the UAE as a global leader in the field.

– ADEC Press Release