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ADEC and Injazat organise an award ceremony for the top three finalists in the Program Your Idea Competition

The competition began in Apr 2016 and has now come to an end for the 2015-16 academic year

An award ceremony was held today at the Ezzah Public School in Abu Dhabi as part of the “Program Your Idea” competition. The winners were announced by the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) and Injazat Data Systems – a Mubadala owned IT Managed Services and Solutions Provider.

The ceremony took place after a panel of external evaluators and judges had spent the morning conducting the third round of competition evaluation to select the top three winners in each category.

ADEC’s Director General His Excellency Dr. Ali Al Nuaimi, stressed on the importance of organizing activities similar to the Program Your Idea Competition, since it correlates with the education council’s efforts to provide students with mind-challenging, competitive, innovative and creative activities. “If we want our youth to become explorers, scientists, researchers, innovators and thinkers, they need to be exposed to as much innovation and creation as possible, this not only helps stimulate their capability to think independently and produce, but also teaches them teamwork spirit and motivation to succeed.”

During the award ceremony His Excellency Mr. Mohamed Al Dhaheri, ADEC’s School Operations Executive Director, lauded the joint efforts exerted by students, their ICT teachers, supervisors, and school leaders.

“The judges found it challenging to select the top three projects out of the 40 finalists that displayed their work today. I want to congratulate everyone who took part in the competition for their motivation, hard work, STEAM capabilities, creative thinking, and teamwork capabilities. All of today’s winning teams have displayed a high level innovative and technical expertise which we look forward to witnessing more of in the near future,” said Mr. Al Dhaheri.

The Program Your Idea competition went through three phases. The project initially began in April 2016 and involved all public schools in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Ibrahim Lari, CEO, Injazat Data Systems, said: “The ‘Program Your Idea’ initiative has been a true success in promoting STEAM subjects to future leaders and innovators of Abu Dhabi. These projects are vital as our nation continues to invest in new technologies and solutions that will benefit not just the economy, but also society. The talent from the participants has been truly outstanding and, on behalf of Injazat, I want to congratulate everyone who took part.”

The competition was divided into four categories: Cycle 1 (Grades 1 to 5); Cycle 2 (Grades 6 to 9); and Cycle 3 (Grades 10 to 12), each using “Scratch” as a programming tool, and the Code-based Open Category (any age) using any coding language and platform. In this first phase, 300 different projects were submitted.

The second phase of the competition involved an external evaluation in which the top 10 schools in each category were selected – 40 projects (approx. 120 students) out of the initial 300 entries.

During today’s competition the top three teams in each category were selected.

“The winning teams were selected for the innovative and creative projects in which they had addressed a STEAM related topic as well as their demonstration of programming and presentation skills,” commented said Mr. Al Dhaheri.

The list of shortlisted top three schools in each category are as follows:

Cycle 1 (G1 to G5)


Cycle 2 (G6 to G9)


Cycle 3 (G10 to G12)


Open Category


1st place Al Raqia School Makka School Um Al Emarat School Al Sarya School
2nd place Al Lulu School  

Al Tamayoz School


Aisha Bint Abi Baker School Hamza ben Abdul Mutalib School
3rd place Al Marfa School  

Bedaa Al Mutaw’a School



Al Mawaheb School


Al Hosn School


In the award ceremony more than 300 gifts, including Lego kits, iPads, MacBooks and 3D printers, were distributed to the students, their teachers and school leaders.

– ADEC Media