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Abu Dhabi Education Council will fully support their students to improve

Grade 12 Trimester 1 results for public schools across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi are not promising. The education council was well aware of the drop in examination grades from the moment students filled out their examination papers, and took immediate action through getting in touch with each individual school leader and discussing reasons for that decline.

After several meetings with school leaders and cluster managers, it was deduced that the drop was due to a number of factors, some of which included: late attendance or high absence level amongst those particular students who did not pass; a change in the Cycle 3 curriculum and in the way science as a stream should be perceived, and late book arrivals to schools during Trimester 1 – which was beyond ADEC’s control.

“Education is a collaborative effort amongst us as the education council, alongside school leaders, teachers, parents and students. Our partnership and involvement in the education sector cannot be successful without the right type of support from our stakeholders. Students must take responsibility for their grades, they are expected to attend school within the requested hours, and their parents are expected to ensure they don’t skip on school or arrive late, as well as explain to them the social responsibility expected out of them in order to add value to the workforce. As a result, more stringent attendance regulations have been put together by ADEC and will be circulated in schools very soon,” stressed Dr. Karima Almazroui, P-12 Acting Executive Director, adding that “We have introduced various strategic projects that are both short term, will be implemented in two weeks, and long term, for the future, that cater to solutions to poor examination results, as well as meet the demands of our educators.”

Some of ADEC’s long term plans, as a result of the Trimester 1 Grade 12 results, include introducing more professional development workshops to teachers and school leaders, both on a group level and on an individual level if need be. Students will also be given extra guidance and assistance if deemed necessary. Teachers will be offered classroom level assistance, and curriculum experts will offer peer tutoring and assistance.

Books for all subjects for Trimester 2 have already been circulated to schools in order to avoid similar examination results.

– ADEC Media