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The Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) in collaboration with local entities, organized a workshop on the development of local content curriculum. A number of 92 representatives from 42 local entities participated in the workshop aiming to present their programs and topics that can be included in the curriculum within different frameworks over the next three years.

The workshop aims to include the local culture and content in students’ learning, introduce career and university paths for students, while engaging the community in the education of our children, increasing academic achievement and success, increasing civic and community awareness; motivating students towards higher learning, integrating the community and culture into our students’ learning; encouraging our students on college and career opportunities, developing relationships, while increasing engagement between the schools and the community.

During the opening speech, H.E. Dr. Ali Al-Nuaimi, ADEC’s Director General, said that education comes at the forefront of the priorities of the Abu Dhabi government as reflected by collaboration with various entities and institutions to improve the quality of education in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and help establish a knowledge-based economy. Dr. Ali pointed out that ADEC has adopted a student-centered learning approach across Abu Dhabi schools to lead students to excel and succeed in higher education, while facing global market challenges.

“As UAE’s economy requires a highly qualified and competent manpower, ADEC strives to apply modern educational pedagogies and approaches that meet highest international standards through boosting mutual cooperation with the community in order to offer curriculum that stems from the local content of the UAE,” said ADEC’s DG.

During the workshop, Dr. Karima Al-Mazroui, ADEC’s P-12 Acting Executive Director, cooperation with local entities in order to achieve Abu Dhabi’s agenda that focuses on different areas to include the provision of high-quality education services. Ms. Al-Mazroui pointed out that the collaboration will help create out-of-the-box ideas that will enrich the curriculum and improve the teaching and learning process.

“Research and studies have proven that community-entrepreneur partnerships and involvement in beneficial activities shall contribute to enhancing student achievement, while raising community awareness. Through the mutual cooperation, ADEC will be able to ensure graduates are well qualified to join the labor market,” added Ms. Al-Mazroui.

The workshop included two sessions; during the first session, ADEC and other entities shared knowledge regarding their current community, educational and awareness projects that meet ADEC’s vision and requirements and can be included in ADEC’s curriculum.

The second session focused on identifying cooperation framework with other entities and institutions to include review of curriculum; provide content, textbook pictures and learning resources; professional development programs for teachers, provision of laboratories and other facilities for students and teachers; offer summer educational programs and organize school trips and visits.

This workshop is considered a first phase of the development of local content curriculum and will be followed by cooperation agreements, defining joint projects and announcements of new projects in collaboration with local entities.

– ADEC Media