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In celebration of the UAE’s 45th National Day under the slogan “Spirit of The Union” – the Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) held a huge celebration at its headquarters today, where a stage was especially set up to showcase the different cultural and heritage activities and performances by students of various age groups.

Students were dressed up in different Emirati traditional cloths, as they recited patriotic poems and chanted nationalistic songs about the UAE, expressing their loyalty, love, togetherness and happiness towards the country that has not only helped raise generations, but has welcomed and accommodated every national, resident, and tourist alike.

His Excellency Dr. Ali Al Nuaimi, ADEC’s Director General describes the UAE’s 45th National Day as a joyous patriotic event that expresses allegiance, passion and unity. “One year has passed, and as we look back, we are proud of all our achievements, and the achievements of our nation, thanks to the support and wise directives of our UAE leadership.

“Today we celebrate unity and pride, love and appreciation. Our leadership’s dedication towards this wonderful nation has resulted in a prosperous nation, where people enjoy justice, safety and welfare, and where everyone alike, is respected and appreciated.

“The remarkable achievements the UAE has witnessed have placed this wonderful nation at the top ranks of the world’s nations in prestigious indices of human development and happiness, and we continue to thrive towards that direction,” said His Excellency, adding that the education sector has witnessed huge leaps and reforms, that have helped expose youth to some of the best education experiences.

During the day, some students took part in a military performance where they displayed different life skills and military drills. A military musical performance was also part of the festive event.

Additionally, young male students performed the traditional UAE “Yola” dance to bring life and excitement to the event, while young female students swayed their long-dense hair from one side to the other in their colourful fancy dresses in another performance.

The famous unique folk art dance, the Ayala, was also well received by the room full of ADEC employees and students, as men formed two lines facing each other with arms linked, and waved their camel sticks in front of them to the beat, back and forth; each row singing a declaration of challenge that is supposed to boast the opposite side. The Ayala is the UAE’s primary form of national and cultural expression, associated with the culture and chivalry of the nomadic Bedouins or “desert dwellers.” It is a heritage and cultural tradition symbolizing the UAE’s past, as well its contemporary identity.

Old traditional kiosks and huts surrounded the safely sheltered area, where traditional Emirati women performed live Emirati cooking in their designated cooking stations.

Mouthwatering Emirati food, sweets and coffee were being served throughout the whole event.

It is that time of the year, 2nd of December 2016, when all entities, families, students across both public and private schools and entities in the UAE celebrate unity, chant nationalistic songs and take part in different traditional activities that highlight their love, loyalty and appreciation for the nation.

Souvenirs and gifts were being distributed during the event by both ADEC employees and students.

Alongside, ADEC has sent a circular since last week to all public and private schools to celebrate the joyous event. As a result, schools have turned their playgrounds and outdoor sports fields into traditional Emirati villages, where different Emirati food, coffee, henna painting, art and craft are displayed and offered to students, teachers, parents and members of the public.

The true spirit and essence of the Union and the basics of good governance are exactly why we will continue to drive the legacy of our forefathers and fathers forward. We will continue to commit and deliver. The economy will continue to flourish, and our youth will continue to explore, discover, create and innovate. God bless our leaders, God bless our people and God bless the UAE,” concluded Dr. Al Nuaimi.

– ADEC Media