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56 private schools opened in the past five years and 17 new schools within the next two years

In its efforts to keep up with the growing demand for private schools, Abu Dhabi Education Council’s (ADEC’s) Private Schools and Quality Assurance Sector (PSQA) has added an extra 19,944 school seats in the 2015/2016 school year.

Out of the 19,944 school seats, 16,044 seats have been allocated to 11 new private schools of different curricula’s (four American, three British, two MoE, two Indian), whereas 3,900 school seats have been allocated across three existing schools that have expanded their buildings (one American, two Indian).

There are currently 236,800 students enrolled in 186 private schools across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, with an additional 17 new private schools under construction and expected to open within the next two school years. It is estimated that within the next two years more than 24,000 school seats will be available.

His Excellency Dr. Ali Rashed Al Noaimi, ADEC’s Director General, said that ADEC’s strategies focus on providing students with equal educational opportunities, while ensuring access to affordable high quality education in a suitable school environment. H.E. pointed out that ADEC’s PSQA sector has taken rapid strides towards the improvement of the education sector across the Emirate.

ADEC’s Director General emphasized that PSQA is keen to promote partnerships with private schools in Abu Dhabi, while providing support to run private educational institutions in order to achieve the goals and vision of the Abu Dhabi government to establish a knowledge based economy.

His Excellency Engineer Hamad Al Dhaheri, Executive Director at ADEC’s PSQA sector, said that PSQA’s strategic plan 2013-2017 aims to provide students with access to high quality affordable education for all private schools across the Emirate alike in accordance to the best international standards.

“Out of the total number of students enrolled in Abu Dhabi private schools, 60 percent attend low fee private schools. ADEC is keen on promoting a strong sense of national identity, culture and heritage among students, while focusing on three major priorities including quality & academic educational outcomes; non-academic outcomes & national identity; and providing access to affordable educational opportunities for all,” said Engineer Al Dhaheri.

He added that in past five years, there has been an evident increase in the number of student enrollments across private schools by seven percent, with an expected increase of another five per cent over the next few years. “In order to meet the increasing demand, the private sector, being ADEC’s strategic partner, has injected investments worth more than Dh3.4 billion to help build 56 schools accommodating 775,000 schools seats. Work is currently under progress to build 17 new schools, which are expected to operate in the next two years.”

Eng. Al Dhaheri visited Amity private school (British Curriculum), Private Modern School (Moe Curriculum), the Virginia Private School (American Curriculum) and Global Indian International School (Indian Curriculum), where he met with the school owners and leaders to request about the overall operational process across each of the schools.

“The private school sector in ADEC will continue to support additional school seats in efforts to close the gap between market supply and demand while ensuring quality education in a sustainable school environment,” concluded Engineer Al Dhaheri.

- ADEC Media