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dr Amal
The Abu Dhabi Education Council (ADEC) launched the “Journey of Discovery” campaign targeting school students as of the beginning of the new School Year 2014/2015. This campaign aims to allow students to explore their potentials, aspirations and capabilities towards their future.
During a press conference held to announce the launching of the campaign, H.E. Dr. Amal Al Qubaisi, ADEC’s Director General, said “the campaign comes in line with ADEC’s keenness to introduce a student-centered learning approach, which supports all our students to reach their full potential in order to contribute to the achievement of prosperity of their country.”
She added that the “Journey of Discovery” begins when students go to school facilities that are equipped with latest technology, modern laboratories, libraries and sports facilities under the supervision of highly qualified teachers who receive regular training and professional development programs due to being subjected to periodical performance assessment.
The move is part of ADEC’s vision to provide a world-class education system by helping students to acquire 21st century skills with focus on improving collaboration, communication and entrepreneurship skills while promoting national values and culture.
She illustrated that all media materials emphasize that the key role of education is to help students achieve their future aspirations stating that the campaign revolves around a particular key message and question: “Where is your journey taking you to?” A question that everyone concerned with their future journey should ask and find an appropriate answer.
Dr. Al Qubaisi pointed out that the campaign’s objectives are to help students cope between their dreams, national expectations and aspirations. “We want our students to realize that they are the core of the educational process, and our goal is to provide them with the best opportunities to discover their abilities and fulfill their ambitions through education. Even though the journey begins each day in one of Abu Dhabi’s schools, it may take them all the way to Mars,” added Dr. Al Qubaisi.
The campaign includes several activities in which all education stakeholders will be engaged.  Parents are highly encouraged to take part in such discovery journey. School leaders, educators, teachers, administrative/technical staff are certainly an integral part of the journey. The campaign provides a number of classroom activities that help students identify their strengths and select methods of acquiring knowledge based on the group of skills set forth by ADEC.
The communication and awareness campaign has started as of today across local newspapers, radio and television stations. School buses and walls have been also decorated with campaign slogans.
Dr. Al Qubaisi emphasized the importance of community involvement in such campaign. “We all have responsibility to achieve the objectives of the UAE 2021 vision as well as the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, since both of them focus on the human capital as the basis for future goals and aspirations,” said Al Qubaisi.
“Both visions rely on the fact that we are living in a rapidly changing world where human capital with its values and principles are the only invariable element. Even though this journey is towards the future, however it is clear through all the campaign materials that national identity, heritage and the UAE flag are where such journey starts,” Al Qubaisi concluded.
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