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Arabic is one of the ancient languages that is rich in diversity and culture. Initially, ‘Formal Arabic’ was the sole form of the language that existed, and as the language began to spread in various countries, people began to practice it differently. Various pronunciations for the same word along with a new bunch of words originated! This gave each dialect a distinct touch that was representative of the region it is practised in.

As time passed, one common dilemma rose; with all these different dialects, how does one preserve the basics of the ‘Formal Arabic’? Many educational contents were being created & practised, but the lack of creativity made them less appealing to kids. This created a dire need to introduce the language to kids through creative & engaging content. And that’s how ‘Abjadiyat’ was developed!

Abjadiyat, which translates to the ABCs of the Arabic alphabets, is an Arabic Early-Learning platform tailored to kids aged from 2-8 years old with more than 500 educational content. It presents the language to kids in a fun way through videos, interactive e-books & games. Making it the ideal fun-learning activity for children! The app takes on a holistic approach covering everything between numeracy, literacy, knowledge of the world and much more. Kids will walk along their personalized learning path and learn something with every step they take.

And what’s more? The app content library has been developed after working closely with educational experts. After all, teachers & educators are the backbones of the educational system, and they will help ease the transition to digital learning. Hence, Abjadiyat built a network of over 4,000 educators to discuss and understand the type of digital content required to teach within a classroom. Eventually, with the help of educators, Abjadiyat aligned its content to the UAE curriculum. This was done to ensure that each content piece helps children achieve a learning objective that will prepare them for school.

Following its successful curriculum mapping, Abjadiyat decided to launch ‘Abjadiyat Star’ competition that was on the lookout for the most curious early-learner. The competition is set to run from September 1st to November 30th, where 2 winners will be picked every month and each winner will receive a scholarship worth $4000. There is just one rule; play & learn to rank higher on the leaderboard! Thousands of early-learners joined the competition, where Haydi Damanhouri & Omar AlHassan emerged as the final winners in the month of September.

The winners were rewarded through a formal ceremony, where the winners’ parents were overjoyed and discussed how the app has helped their kids in various ways. Omar’s father mentioned how his son is now school-ready at the mere age of 3! “It is amazing how such an app exists, which children can browse independently at home within a safe, digital environment. Using Abjadiyat, Omar learned the shapes, the professions and a lot of vocabulary through its interactive content, without attending a nursery.” he said.

On the other hand, Haydi’s mom was quite sentimental about her daughter’s win, as Abjadiyat helped Haydi overcome her speech delay at the age of 5. She fondly describes when Haydi uttered her first word, “She came across a planet shape in the mall and said ‘Zohal’, as she remembered it from the Science game!” Her mother went on to describe how the voice-overs and catchy music in the application helped Haydi develop her speech skills.

Want your students to join the competition? You can follow this link to download the application and simply click ‘Join now’, and you are in!