A school Leader’s Perspective on Wellbeing with Mark Leppard

Practical strategies to ensure the wellbeing of school leaders, staff and students.

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In this episode of the Teach Middle East Podcast, we hear a school leader’s perspective on wellbeing. Mark Leppard brings a wealth of experience as an educator and a school leader in the United Kingdom and the Middle East. 

He speaks candidly about his own journey to taking care of his own wellbeing. He also shares what he is doing in his current role as the headmaster of the British School Al Khubairat in Abu Dhabi, to ensure the wellbeing of his staff and students. 

Bio: Mark Leppard
Mark has a lifelong passion for learning and tries to ensure that the student is at the heart of all decisions that are made. Holistic education is fundamental to his philosophy and he believes that learning should not be restricted just to the formal classroom.

He also believes he can demonstrate success, having led schools through 6 ‘Outstanding’ school inspections/accreditations, including the UAE Federal inspection framework.

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