A Fresh Perspective on Teaching and Learning With Clemmie Stewart

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Clemmie Stewart, a seasoned educator and the Executive Principal at Beech Hall School, Riyadh, joins Leisa Grace on the Teach Middle East Podcast to talk about how to shake up traditional teaching and learning as we enter a new academic year. They stir the pot, traversing the delicate terrain between conventional and cutting-edge learning techniques while emphasising the critical importance of a fundamental knowledge base for efficient classroom technology use. Clemmie proposes how to introduce technology as early as kindergarten but in a safe way!

The conversation does not stop at challenging the standard education protocol; it takes a step further by questioning the conventional definition of success. They’ve got you covered on digital literacy, mental health, and the art of teaching students ‘how to learn’ instead of ‘what to learn’. They top it off by discussing the empowerment and development of teachers. An episode packed with insights. You don’t want to miss out!

Connect with Clemmie here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/clemmie-stewart-b0a882156/

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Hosted by Leisa Grace Wilson

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