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A full week of work can be quite draining mentally and physically. When it comes to taking a break, most of us simply just want to relax. There are many different ways to relax and focus on your wellbeing. Find ways to take your body and mind on a mini-vacation into a realm of blissful happiness. Below are few ways that you can relax and refresh yourself. These are sure to release you from the stresses and strains of a long workweek. Go ahead and try at least one of the following, you’ll want to do them again.


Mud Bath

This may sound a little unusual, but mud baths have been around for centuries. The soothing mud relieves stressful muscle aches, is recommended in treating arthritis and also some skin conditions. The mud bath consists of mud, spring water and essential minerals. Even if you don’t need this treatment for aching muscles, it is definitely great for the skin, and helps to exfoliate, revealing glowing skin upon completion.


Beach Walk

This may sound more like exercise but keep reading. A walk on the beach can help to create a feeling of overall wellness. It is a good way to relax while taking care of your cardiovascular and mental health. Meditation can be a key part of this walk. You are encouraged go stop while on the beach, take a seat in the sand, close your eyes, and allow the sounds around you to soothe your mind.



Ever wanted to get a massage and feel as if you are floating? Well, the hammock spa treatment might just be for you. While sitting in a hammock, the masseuse gives you what feels like a weightless massage. The hammock allows your body to relax and be maneuvered with ease, giving you a feeling of weightlessness. Swinging in the hammock, while getting the tension of the week released is definitely a worthwhile experience. You will drift away during this massage with the added benefit of being outdoors.



This sounds prickly but it is definitely not. This spa treatment happens to be quite refreshing. While it might sound a little strange to be massaged by a cactus, it helps you in more ways than you can even imagine. The needles are removed from the cacti, and it is turned into leafy paddles. The paddles are then split in half and then rubbed on your skin. The Aloe Vera soothes your skin, without leaving an unpleasant sticky residue like normal massage oils. This treatment removes toxins and rehydrates your skin.


Hot stone & aromatherapy

A traditional massage is therapeutic, but after a few hot stones and essential oils are added to the mix, the ordinary massage is transformed into a heavenly experience, that will now be at the top of your list. Prior to the hot stone massage, you select the essential fragrant oil of your choice. The therapist heats the stones and initially gives you a traditional massage to help relax the muscles. After the stones are heated, get ready for a treat. Be sure to inform the therapist if the stones are too hot, and consult a physician prior to getting this massage to ensure that this is right for you.

Our most important job is to take care of ourselves. These treats are just a few of the ways we can heal, relax and get our heads back into the game. Remember, you don’t need a special reason to treat yourself to some R&R.

By PreSha Barnes

PreSha has been an educator for the past seven years. Originally from Houston, Texas, PreSha is passionate about empowering other educators. She is also a Teach UAE Magazine Blogger.

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