Beautiful young woman doing cosmetic mask on her face isolated on white background
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Beautiful young woman doing cosmetic mask on her face isolated on white background

After long hours in an air- conditioned classroom, it’s tempting to hide dull, dry skin with makeup and other tricks to downplay the damage. However, the truth is bad skin steals the beauty from your whole face. There’s an easier option than makeup to protect your skin from the elements and reveal its natural beauty. You can use one or all the steps below as part of your self- care routine without adding more time to an already busy day.

keep your routine simple

You don’t need a fancy 5-step process for glowing skin. However, you do need effective, premium ingredients. Spend extra money on buying one or two high-quality products, rather than 5 cheap products. The local pharmacy is a good source for quality products that work great for most skin types – just make sure you get the good stuff. A superior cleanser and moisturiser are all you need for a regular regimen.

Keep your teeth white

Clean, white teeth instantly improve the look of your skin. It helps your skin appear more youthful. And this shouldn’t come as a surprise. Your teeth are a major focal point of your face!

Keep a bottle of Witch Hazel handy

Witch Hazel is a natural, inexpensive moisturizer. It’s a common ingredient in major beauty products and safely hydrates your skin. You can apply nightly right before bed for a hydration boost with a cotton swab. Follow with your favourite facial moisturizer, but it works well alone.

Keep a deep facial mask on deck

When clunky layers of sweat, oil and dirt get embedded in pores, your skin needs a deep cleaning. Regular washing alone doesn’t eliminate clogged pores. A facial mask pulls the impurities from your skin in the time it takes to make a smoothie or listen to your favorite podcast. Boscia Luminizing Black Mask uses mostly natural, plant ingredients while it cleans pores. After you pull off the mask, get ready! You’ll find facial hairs, dead skin, blackheads and white heads on your mask, and a subtle glow to your skin. I’ve never seen a mask work this good! Keep it away from eyebrows, and use every two weeks.

keep makeup at a minimum

Current trends may point to the importance of makeup to have a finished look. However, the chemicals in makeup can create more problems. The layers of powder, cream etc., give your skin an older, preserved appearance, rather than a natural, youthful sheen. A light foundation, and your favourite cheek stain and/or lip-gloss are sufficient. If you dare, skip the foundation. If you own a great moisturizer and cheek stain, you won’t need it.

Glowing skin is the epitome of health and beauty. It is attractive and signals to others that you are taking good care of yourself. Why leave home without it?

By Maryann Reid

Maryann Reid, a personal coach and educator from new york, has a passion for helping women create structure and safety in their busy lives. To connect with her, visit www.

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