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All 37 graduates have been awarded by ADEC at a ceremony today

Abu Dhabi Education Council’s (ADEC’s) Higher Education Executive Director, Dr. Mohamed Yousif Baniyas, awarded 37 staff members from across different universities/colleges and Cycle 3 schools today for completing an internationally recognized Career Advisor Training (CAT) Program.

The two-month higher education program which was rolled out last March 2015, included a one week face-to-face intensive training with global career development instructors, followed by a six week online and offline projects training which involved setting up career centers in each of their respected universities. Each advisor was required to discuss their project findings prior to completing a final examination.

As part of ADEC’s aim to improve the employment rate in alignment with the Abu Dhabi 2030 vision, while supporting aspirations and decisions of students about their educational and occupational choices, the 37 advisors include: 27 staff members from different higher education institutes across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, six teachers from different Cycle 3 public schools, and four teachers from different Cycle 3 private schools.

Speaking about the initiative, Dr. Baniyas explained that all higher education institutes across the Emirate of Abu Dhabi now have an internationally certified career counselor who is capable of advising students on their career progression. In addition, school teachers trained will help guide and council students on future education and career prospects related to a fields/areas they are most passionate about.

“ADEC has included public and private school teachers in the Higher Education Career Guidance training alongside higher education institutes due to the fact that Cycle 3 students are more or less aware of their potential to excel in a particular area/field of preference, however require the right type of guidance in order to realise where that potential can be best fitted and how to go about it,” explained Dr. Baniyas.

In addition to the career guidance training provided, ADEC is currently conducting more than 50 orientation sessions to introduce ADEC’s Career Planning System to around 5,000 students from across universities and from Cycle 3 public and private schools, as well as to 600 faculty and staff members from Higher Education Institutes who were all briefed on the program in order to further assist Cycle 3 students on what steps to take before moving onto the next level.

Prior to meeting with a career counselor, students are required to go through ADEC’s Career Planning System, which offers career options that best suit their interests, skills, and goals; postsecondary students are given the chance to create a shortlist of majors and narrow down occupation choices, while students can share their e-Portfolios as a repository for resumes, cover letters, references, and more. Transition into the workforce will also be easier and students are assured that they are on-track regarding their major/career choices.

“ADEC found it of pivotal importance to orient students as well as faculty and staff members on how ADEC’s Career Planning System works, and on how to reach out to career advisors. We are very proud of our new edition of internationally recognized career counsellors who will play a major role in guiding our students on future prospects in-line with their own preferences. If a person is passionate about a particular area or field, he/she will most likely do extremely well at it, which is exactly what we aim to do behind this program, to produce a passionate workforce of youth who will make a difference in tomorrow’s globally competitive economy,” concluded Dr. Baniyas.

- ADEC Media