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 Using Mathematics for Time Exploration

On November 24, 2015, students at Al Asayel School C2 in Khalifa City presented their final projects on Time Exploration for UAE Innovation Week. The students solved problems involving time relationships and they timed events in hours, minutes, and seconds. During the process, they learnt to convert time using am/pm and 24-hour time. The exploration itself was easily modified for all learners. Some of the finished work are very detailed and others are shorter versions.

The students collaborated on creating a one-day schedule for a person of their choice. Although seemingly simple, they were given strict parameters. This aim of the project was to allow the students to use critical thinking skills and creativity. They were instructed to research, design, and create the following:

Grade Six Math Innovation Projects:
  1. Design and build a working clock, or
  2. Design and create a personal 2016 Calendar

Approximately 230 girls presented their projects to the student body while “I Believe I Can Fly” played melodically in the background.


Submitted by: Principal Ms. Aisha Al Yammahi and teachers – Lynda Mowbray (Canadian, year 5 in Abu Dhabi) and Renay Abrahams (South African, year 3 in Abu Dhabi).

- Al Asayel School C2, Khalifa City