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Making Arabic fun using digital technology 

Promoting the love for Arabic language, the second edition of ‘Living Arabic’ took place on Saturday. Teachers from private schools in Dubai shared innovative ways of teaching Arabic, using digital tools to make classes interesting.

More than 300 teachers from 108 schools took part in the event hosted at GEMS Winchester School. Participants took part in 29 interactive learning sessions, which included a training workshop on a new Arabic debate contest scheduled to take place in January 2016.

Fatma Al Marri, CEO of Dubai Schools Agency at Knowledge and Human Development Authority said, “The event provides options for teachers interested in the field of digital technology and to motivate Arabic language usage among all segments of society through interesting content.”

Al Marri highlighted the purpose of this Living Arabic is to come up with digital content to improve Arabic learning. ‘Living Arabic’ highlights the most important modern educational initiatives and tools in the development of learning Arabic using digital technology.

The event also included ideas received from the newly launched “Mohammed bin Rashid Smart Council” initiative. Two interactive panels discussed how art and creativity could be included in teaching Arabic content. “Innovation in learning calligraphy within an hour” and “using Google class to teach Arabic language.

On the sidelines of the event, ‘the Arabic reading challenge’ presented an introductory session on the importance of reading in the Arabic language and its relation to various aspects of life.