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The Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (ADEK) has recently unveiled its highly anticipated list of the top private schools in the emirate based on the results of their annual Irtiqaa inspections. Out of the numerous schools evaluated, 11 exceptional private educational institutions have earned the prestigious ‘outstanding’ rating.

In addition to these top-performing schools, the Irtiqaa inspections also identified 37 schools as ‘very good’, 85 as ‘good’, 63 as ‘acceptable’, and 1 as ‘weak’. The ratings achieved by each school carry significant implications, as they directly impact the optional increase in tuition fees that each institution is allowed to implement.

To provide more context, the Irtiqaa inspections assess schools according to the UAE Unified School Inspection Framework, which evaluates various performance standards. These standards include students’ academic achievements, personal and social development, innovation skills, teaching and assessment, curriculum design, protection and support for students, as well as the quality of leadership and management within the institution. Each performance standard incorporates a total of 17 performance indicators to assess the academic and administrative effectiveness of each school thoroughly.

By releasing the results of the Irtiqaa inspections, ADEK aims to give parents and students valuable insights into the quality of education provided by private schools in the emirate, ultimately helping families make informed decisions about the best institutions to meet their educational needs and aspirations.