“The scientists, researchers and innovators that will lead the future will not come from nowhere. We have to create them on the basis of the love for reading and a passion for knowledge and curiosity”. Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoom of Dubai

Following Sheikh Mohammed’s declaration that 2016 was the year of reading, 3P Learning explores how digital learning can help to nurture the next generation of readers, scientists, researchers and innovators.

Reading Eggs is a highly engaging digital learning resource for literacy, designed to teach children to read and to promote reading for pleasure – a concept proven to improve educational outcomes throughout life.

Comprising 120 phonics and 200 comprehension lessons; a library of 2,000 eBooks with comprehension tests; online spelling, punctuation and grammar games, and creative writing areas, Reading Eggs provides teachers with everything needed to raise the profile of reading and nurture high literacy standards.

Learners embark on a captivating journey, discovering, practising and applying early reading strategies. As they progress, students analyse a range of text types and tackle more complex comprehension, emerging as confident, aspirational readers.
The Arab Reading Challenge (ARC) aims for students in the Arab world to read 50 million books, and we think this is a great step in the right direction to encourage sustainable and regular reading among children.

The Reading Eggs ‘Story Factory’ builds on the early foundations of reading, as students are taken through the process of writing their own story, with graphics and a storyboard to help formulate their ideas. More advanced readers can free type whilst earlier readers use the sentence builder tool, helping them pick up vocabulary specific to a chosen book genre.

Reading Eggs is used in a variety of contexts: as a classroom resource, with smaller groups, for individual, independent learning, for guided reading, as an intervention tool and as a key resource to support literacy learning for all abilities.

As explained by Sheikh Mohammed, “reading is the first skill needed by our children”, and with reading very much at the heart of this digital education resource, the possibilities are endless.

3P Learning is a global leader in digital education, providing multi award-winning resources for literacy, numeracy and science.

Mathletics is a digital resource used by more than 4.8million students in 18,000

schools worldwide. It is proven to increase levels of pupil engagement, confidence and motivation and improve results in maths.

Mathletics contains 1,400 curriculum aligned activities along with courses, eBooks and videos to develop mathematical fluency, problem solving and reasoning skills. It also offers in-built assessment and diagnostic reporting tools for teachers and can be accessed on PCs and tablet devices, in school and at home.

Spellodrome (GESS Awards 2015 Winner) helps children to develop their spelling, writing and communication skills, supporting learners in the ‘GPS’ (or SPAG) elements of the new English curriculum.

IntoScience (GESS Awards 2016 Finalist) is a ground-breaking leap forward in secondary school science education. Through hugely engaging 3D environments, virtual experiments and deep contextual activities, learners can expand their learning through inquiry, knowledge, application and reasoning.

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