Sstudents and staff at Dubai College are celebrating another set of exceptional GCSE results this year, taking the new 9-1 grading system in Mathematics in their stride. While most subjects continue to grade students from A*-E this year, Edexcel Mathematics is one of the first subjects to offer the UK government’s new 9-1 grading system in reformed GCSEs which are designed to be more challenging. Broadly speaking 7 is the equivalent to the old A grade while an 8 is an A* and a 9 is an A**. Direct comparisons are not entirely possible because the new grade 9 is actually higher than the old A* and 5s and 6s both straddle a B grade.

Students from GEMS Education schools have recorded another successful year of IGCSE results after a round of challenging examinations.

GEMS Wellington International School AKSHIT GOEL10A*  9(2) 1 A
Jumeirah College EBANI DHAWAN10A* 9(2)
GEMS Wellington International SchoolANUJA SAKTHI VENKATARAMANI10A* 9(2)
Cambridge International School – Dubai EMILE TIMOTHY ANAND11A* 2A
The Winchester School – Jebel Ali ALIJAEH JOSHUA APIT GO11A* 1A
Jumeirah CollegeKAZAL OSHODI9A* 9(2) 1A
Jumeirah CollegeARSH BHASIN10A* 9(1) 7(1)
Jumeirah CollegeSITA WILLIAMS9A* 8(2) A